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Canada Immigration (FSW)

The Federal Skilled Worker program offered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada is one of the most popular and sought after permanent residence opportunities in the world today. FSW evolved over the years and today it is based on Ministerial Instructions released every year providing the Categories and Quotas for each category. 2013 Categories are released and some new categories are in. Please do your quick evaluation here to check your eligibility.
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Student Visa

For people who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada and who wish to study in Canada. Share your knowledge on course and Institutions, Students may opt to apply as a student for a study permit or even a dual intent visa which allows a student the opportunity to disclose their intent of Permanent residence after completion of study in Canada. With some top class institutions, Canada is soon becoming a hot destination for international students!

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Almost every year, new records are created on the intake numbers for this category of Permanent Redisence applications. This program allows International students who studied in Canada and worked for a limited period of time or the Individuals who were on a work permit in Canada and worked for at least One full year. CEC does not have any quotas and is NOT based on the occupation list released by the Minister every year. CEC offers foreign nationals a better option track towards Permanent Residence.

Work Permits in Canada

For people who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada and who wish to work temporarily in Canada. This forum is for individuals who have applied for work permit and who is looking for clarifications or to share your experience dealing with employers or CEC.

Spousel Visa

For spouses or close family members of foreign nationals living in Canada on an education visa or work permit. Canada does prefers the family stay together, Share your experiences regarding Spouse Visas here!

Quebec Programs

In addition to the FSW program offered by Federal Canada, Quebec also provides opportunities for foreign nationals the opportunity to immigrate to Quebec under the Quebec Immigration programs. Share your experiences, answer questions or seek answers on a wide variety of topics here!

Investment Program

In addition to the FSW and CEC programs, Canada offers several programs for Entrepreneurs, Self Employed as well as for Investors.

Immigration News

Canada Immigration (FSW) New categories Released

Check the new Category Release and available professions
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Study in Canada

admissions open for september Intake Partcipate in our education fair and book your seats right away......
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